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Daycare (Crèche)

There are many different reasons why Lucky Dogs daycare may benefit you and your 4-legged family member. Do you have a demanding job with long hours? Do you have a full agenda for the day outside of the home? Or perhaps you just want your dog to have consistent socialization, exercise and play with other dogs. Regardless of the reason, Lucky Dogs is a great option for providing your dog with a clean, stimulating and safe environment with humans and dogs alike. We truly want our doggie guests to think of Lucky Dogs as an extension of their home. A place that they are familiar with, comfortable with and enjoy.

Drop-off / Pick-up Hours
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We are open from 07:00 until 19:00 Monday through Friday.

In a hurry? We can accelerate your drop-off by coming out to your car to collect your dog in front of our facilities. This will help to integrate your drop-off seamlessly into your commute and save you time. Just call our office as you're approaching.

In extenuating circumstances, we can accommodate late pick-ups. Just give us a call or message us through WhatsApp to make arrangements.

Our Typical Daycare Routine

Your dog will experience a full and vibrant agenda at Lucky Dogs in our daycare. One of the most important aspects of quality day care is a structured routine that the crèche buddies learn to adapt to and expect.

Play Time: In the morning, after all of the check-ins, dogs are treated to play time in groups with lots of dog and human interactions. This is great for socialization and keeping your dog engaged.
Exercise Time: In the late morning and early afternoon, all dogs in our daycare go on a 60-minute walk in a rural setting (fields and/or forests). Dogs walk in compatible groups considering both temperament and size.
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Rest Time: The mid/late-afternoon will consist of rest and relaxation time in the general play room which has been outfitted with several cushy dog beds, couches and other comfy spaces for an afternoon nap.
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Additional Services

If you have booked a weekday Grooming appointment for your dog, this will be integrated into their daycare visit.


On Demand

For our customers who need the flexibility of occasional day care services on an unpredictable schedule.

4-Day Package*

Customers interested in a consistent weekly schedule of daycare, receive a discount over the On-Demand rate.

8-Day Package*

Customers interested in a regular schedule of daycare multiple times per week, receive an even bigger discount over the On-Demand rate.

Full Day: 38€ / Half Day: 22€

(inclusive of VAT)


(inclusive of VAT)


(inclusive of VAT)

Please be sure to review the "Crèche Buddies Code" which is required of all dogs visiting Lucky Dogs.

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