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Boarding (Pensioun)

It's not always possible or practical to bring our 4-legged family members along on our extended holidays. And when the holiday season is upon us, we want to enjoy our holidays with the peace of mind that our dogs are safe, comfortable and happy. Lucky Dogs strives to be that place for both you and your dog.

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Our Boarding Facilities

Our dog guests are treated to cage-free boarding in luxury rooms ranging from 9.1 to 11.4 square meters. Each room is decked out with comfy furniture, platforms and dog beds for relaxation and sleeping.


Dogs from the same family can share an entire room. During peak seasons and depending on capacity, 2 dogs from different families may be placed in the same room and, where necessary, it will be sub-divided by a partition.

Peace of Mind While You're Away

We are a cage-free boarding facility. It means that dogs boarded with us are part of our open daycare during the day. And stay in their boarding rooms during the night for sleeping.


  • Each day starts with a visit to our garden to relieve themselves. Then they have their breakfast before joining our daycare room.

  • They will enjoy a full day of activities and engagement in our daycare program including the daily walks.

  • Each evening starts with their dinner before we then prepare them for their sleeping time in their boarding rooms.

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A Lucky Dogs team member is onsite 24 hours per day and 7 days per week during the holiday periods to care for our boarding dogs and to supervise the building.


Additionally, we have outfitted each room with a camera so that we can keep constant watch over your beloved pet(s) even when our overnight staff are a few meters away in the office.

Missing Your 4-Legged Friend?

We pride ourselves in keeping you connected with your dog while on vacation. Our "postcards" service will give you regular updates on how your dog(s) are doing while you're away including photos of their fun!


Our dog boarding service includes all of the services provided in our daycare during the day and a spot in one of our spacious and luxurious sleeping rooms during the night.


per night

(inclusive of VAT)

2+ Dogs from
the Same Family

per night per dog

(inclusive of VAT)

Food & Medications

We must feed your dog the same food he eats at home. As such, we require our clients to bring the amount of food needed for his entire stay with us.


We are happy to administer any medications he might be taking. In this case, please provide the medications along with instructions on when (time of day) and how (with/without food) he should take them.

Please be sure to review the "Crèche Buddies Code" which is required of all dogs visiting Lucky Dogs.

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