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About Us

Our Mission

​At Lucky Dogs, ​we are passionate about dogs. We love dogs and caring for them. We know that pets can be a vital and rewarding part of our lives. A beloved member of our families. And we strive to provide a place where your dog can be safe and happy when you are not able to be at home for extended periods of time. That's why we like to call Lucky Dogs your dog's "home away from home". A place tailored to their needs with an agenda that will keep them exercised, stimulated and engaged.

Our Approach

Our staff prides themselves in providing an environment that is as dog-centric as possible and services that are highly compatible with your busy lifestyles. Whether you are a working professional with long working hours, a busy family with a full schedule, or are headed on an extended trip or vacation, Lucky Dogs is there for you. We provide dog walking services for your 4-legged family members that stay at home. And we provide a premium daycare, boarding and wellness environment for those dogs who visit us onsite. We also partner with expert physio therapists and groomers to provide access to additional services for your dog while in our care.

About Me

As a young adult, my mother told me stories about our family dog, Boris (a German Shepherd), who slept under my crib when I was a baby and at the foot of my bed when I was a toddler. He apparently adored me and followed me everywhere I went (crawled). Though I was very young and can barely remember this, he clearly made a big impression on me.


Brian Reeves

Founder & General Manager

Dogs have been a near constant presence in my adult life. I decided in 2022 to end my 32 year career in IT and funnel my passion for dogs into the founding of "Lucky Dogs". What better way to spend my days than building an environment for dogs to feel safe, enjoy and thrive? And I finally get to take my dog to work!

Our Team


Daycare & Dog Walking



Manager of Toys & Treats



Dog Walking



Daycare & Dog Walking



Daycare & Dog Walking

Our Partners
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Diana Gasteier

Grooming Services


Laetitia Ostyn

Physiotherapy Services


Lisbeth Ganer

Photography Services

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